About Our Hand Carved Candles

Including our Birthday Countdown Candles, Anniversary Countdown Candles, Unity Candles and Memorial Candles – also known as ‘Cut-n-Curl’ Candles, ‘Cut-and-Carve’ Candles and hand sculpted candles.

We start from “scratch” with large blocks of clear, high quality paraffin wax specially formulated for “candle carvers”. These are melted in our custom-made wax tanks and “cookers”.

Next we cast metal molds to create the star-shaped “center cores” that will be hand dipped into colored waxes. The clear (transparent) wax in the center of the candle allows light to pass through and gives a beautiful warm glow when the candle is lit – making these beauties the ‘center’ of attention!

The center cores are strung on a hand-held hook and hand-dipped – one at a time – into hot colored waxes using white wax in between to help separate the colors – and to achieve specific colors. There can be as many as 40 dips for just one candle to achieve the proper thickness and shape. The last few dips determine the outside color of the candle. The inside colors are exposed when the candle is hand carved.

When all the dipping is done and the center core is now about 1/2″ to 3/4″ wider than it’s original size, the candle is hung from the hook and spins freely, ready to be “cut and curled”. This is accomplished using special knives, tools, and ‘fast but gentle fingers’. This process requires both speed and accuracy.

The wax is cut, twisted and sculpted into beautiful intricate patterns exposing the inside colors. Patterns can include curlicues, twists and spirals, criss-cross ribbons and bows, hearts, basketweaves, angels with wings and halo. Chandlers (candle carvers) each have their own technique and designs – no two candles are alike. Each hand carved design can be uniquely different and wax temperature will play a role in the final outcome.

Each candle is made in the highest tradition of professional candle making. We create quality, long burning, hand-crafted candles which we unconditionally guarantee against defects in workmanship.

From “How It’s Made” – https://youtu.be/I2tFtOMYklY

Due to wax temperature the elegant hand carved designs and colors may vary. Sizes may vary slightly. ALL candles will include white to separate the inside colors.

Keep in mind as we’re hand-dipping the candle into the hot wax tanks we’re creating layers of color. When going from one color to another there will be some bleeding which creates a new color or shades of that color.  So going from red to white will result in pink. This is a natural mixing and binding of the colored waxes that come into contact with each other. Darker colors are stronger colors and will bleed quicker and deeper.

Please also be aware that dark colors such as black, navy blue, royal blue, dark or medium green, purple, burgundy and red tend to bleed through the layers of white wax over time. If you plan to display your hand carved candle over a period of time we suggest you select light to medium colors.

The most common cause of colors fading is exposure to UV light, including direct sunlight, reflected sunlight (such as being in a bright room), and even some fluorescent bulbs. For this reason candles should be burned as soon as possible. Please note that we use the more expensive colored pigments which resist UV light much better than the cheaper candle dye. When storing candles keep them wrapped to avoid any type of light, and store them in a cool dark place.

The wax is cooling at a very high rate so the hand sculpting must be completed in only a few minutes for most size candles. That’s the ‘speed part’…. the accuracy comes from having a sharp eye, keeping cuts even and level…and allot of experience.

Message from Diane…
As owner of this company I think you should know a little about my background and experience. I’ve been hand carving candles for over 20 years. I was taught by a gentleman who had just closed his candle shop (of many years) and was moving out of state. He was willing to share this beautiful art – and many well-kept secrets – with me. His fee in 1990 was $1500 for a 40 hour week. For nearly 4 weeks he and I worked side-by-side, only breaking for lunch –and scrapping many, many center cores! Precision cutting, carving and speed can only come with many, many hours of practice and patience.

Wax Wizard Candles, the retail store opened for business the following month right next door to my Ceramic & Art Studio where I taught ceramic and art classes for more than 25 years – including hand-painting on porcelain china, porcelain doll making, clay-sculpting, pottery wheel, silk flower making and arranging, T-shirt painting and air-brushing, pen-n-ink drawing, water colors … to name just some.

Because of my background in Art we can offer you custom graphic designs to match your Wedding or Party theme. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Thanks again for your interest in our hand carved candles.

♦  Our hand-carved Birthday & Anniversary Countdown Candles make wonderfully unique and treasured gift that are remembered and enjoyed year-after-year to celebrate that special occasion!

♦  Our Birthday Countdown Candle can be personalized with your child’s name and date of birth. The perfect Baby Shower gift or new baby gift that will be enjoyed year after year !!
♦  Our Anniversary Countdown Candles can be personalized with the couples names and their wedding date. The perfect wedding gift for newly weds that they’ll enjoy year after year !!
♦  Our Wedding & Unity Candles can be personalized with the bride & groom’s names, wedding date and a short verse, poem or message. This personalization can include a graphic to match your theme.

We can match your theme the custom graphics or working from your original photo, wedding invitation, or a company logo to create a unique, one-of-a-kind candle.

♦  Our Wedding and Unity Candles can be beautifully decorated with a variety of silk flowers, ribbons, metallic leaves, pearl beads and other tasteful embellishments – just enough to look classy but not gaudy.
♦  Our Birthday Countdown Candles are decorated with your choice of silks or colorful plastic balloons.
♦  Our Anniversary Countdown Candles are also decorated with a tasteful selection of silks.

“A wick without wax around it is just a piece of string…A candle without a wick is just a hunk of wax”