About Dripless Candles

The word “dripless” normally refers to Taper Candles, since pillar candles and ball candles are designed for a “wax pool” to form around the wick to collect wax. The wax pool size is determined by the size of the wick used.

Referring to taper candles as “dripless” is a misnomer, as wax will inevitably run down any candle. However, dripless candles are designed by striking the perfect balance of wax formulas and wick size. A special outer layer of wax has a higher melt point so it does not melt as quickly as the center of the candle. ┬áThis forms a cup that holds the melted wax and allows wax to smoothly run down their sides of the taper and quickly harden before reaching your candelabras or table covers.

Taper candles are considered dripless under ideal conditions. However, with any “dripless” candle, a draft or breeze could cause the flame or wick to lean to one side, which may collapse the “cup” that holds the wax in, causing the candle to drip. If your candle isn’t sitting straight, it will burn unevenly, which can lead to wax running too far down the candle before it hardens.

There are many things that factor in to how a candle burns…. running ceiling fans or central heat or air conditioning, cold-air return vent in a room, opening and closing doors in a room, an open window, humidity, anything that causes a draft, etc.

Another very important factor in proper burning is wick trimming:

Wicks should be trimmed to 1/4″ BEFORE burning and will also require trimming during burning.

This is true for ALL candles. Candles should never be burned unattended, so check the wick often to see that they burning properly.

Wicks on taper candles will bend over as they burn. Don’t allow the wick to get so long that it bends over and touches the top of the candle, forming a “loop”. If the wicks get too long the candle burns faster than it should and this is what causing dripping and smoke. The flame of a taper should stand about 1.5″ tall and
should NOT flicker. If it flickers and is fighting to stay lit the candle is in a draft and will burn too quick.

  • Drafts and not trimming wicks are the main causes of dripping or smoke.
  • ALL candles require attention and maintenance during burning.

Please follow these guidelines for maximum burn time and enjoyment!

How Do You Remove Dripped Wax?

Wondering what to do when wax drips onto your cloth table covers, cloth napkins, or other fabrics? Here are a few tips:

1. Let the wax fully harden and then scrape it off with a knife.
2. While you should always follow laundering instructions, you can also try pouring boiling water through affected fabrics where appropriate.
3. If this doesn’t work, your best bet is to have the item cleaned professionally.
4. Final traces of wax can often be removed with dry cleaning fluid after the cloth is totally dry.

To remove wax from furniture, follow these steps:

1. Let the wax harden completely and then scrape most of it off with a dull knife.
2. As you get closer to the surface of your furniture, switch to something more gentle, like a wooden Popsicle stick.
3. Use a piece of cheesecloth and a drop or two of lighter fluid to remove any final traces of wax.
4. Finish up by buffing it with furniture polish.

When used properly, dripless taper candles are an elegant and refined lighting choice. By following the tips and steps above, you can prevent your candles from dripping or remove wax if they do.

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